Tequila Tour

Tequila Tour

Duration: All day

Where the story of one of the most famous and well known beverage in the world, El Tequila begins

“Magic Town” located 3 hours 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

Located around small valleys in the state of Jalisco, we will observe the great amount of plantations of blue agave, from which Tequila is extracted.

We will visit the center of the town, where we will know part of its history, culture and customs.

We will enjoy a tour to one of the largest distilleries and factories of Tequila, where besides knowing its manufacture and process, we will taste a 100% pure agave Tequila.

A little history

In 1600, Pedro Sánchez de Tagle created the first distillery drink agave which is already above but without distilling consumed thereby creating the first factory of Tequila itself.


Tequila has a semiarid subtropical climate with dry winters and warm springs. The average temperature is 23.2 degrees Celsius, with a mean of 1073.1 mm of precipitation. The rains usually occur between June and October.

SUGGESTIONSNOTE: Cost to the distillery not included

Comfortable shoes


Cash for your purchases

Fresh and warm clothes


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