What to do in Puerto Vallarta


To better enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta, check the Calendar of important  dates or important events and enjoy it on your visit. What to do in Puerto Vallarta? It is the most easiest question to answer because we have the best fun for all ages and tastes.

Be sure to check important dates to better organize your visit.



 December to March: Puerto Vallarta every year is visited by humpback whales, with its warm waters preferred for the birth of their calves. Your visit lasts about four months, during which time the whales enjoy Banderas Bay.



One of the highlights of the Port, where locals and tourists celebrate and receive the start of a year along the boardwalk, with music, fireworks and party all night.

6 Three Kings Day

As elsewhere in Christmas, Santa Claus gives away gifts, in Mexico it is the traditional day when children receive gifts in honor of the Three Wise Men who visited the infant Jesus when he was born. That tradition, restaurants, hotels and The International Friendship Club, one of the charities in Puerto Vallarta, make their annual visit to local hospitals and rural communities to give to kids toys and clothes.


 5 In MEXICO commemorates the 1917 Constitution.

After the Revolution of 1910 required that Mexico will strengthen its political system and its institutions extremely deteriorated, requiring ensure safe goods and people.

24 Day of the Mexican Flag


 * First Tuesday of the month, is celebrated Carnival Vallarta.

21 Birth of Benito Juarez

He lived one of the most important times of Mexico, considered by many historians as the consolidation of the nation as a republic. Juarez under national and starred in the first level of this time in history.

Holy Week and Easter, 22 March to April 4. In Mexico it is the commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is the most important time for the Catholic community, and starts with Palm Sunday, continues on Thursday and Good Friday and Holy Saturday and ends on Easter Sunday. This celebration lasts two weeks, time in which domestic and foreign tourists visit our Puerto greater amount.


 30 Children’s Day

All children of the country are celebrated.


This month, the city organizes important Cultural Festival where local and international artists (painters, musicians, actors, etc.) are brought together and held cultural events in the city.

5 The Battle of Puebla

It was a battle fought on May 5, 1862 near the city of Puebla, between the armies of Mexico and the French.

31 Anniversary of Puerto Vallarta

The May 31, 1918, he was awarded the title of municipality. From that date, the penalties, as it was then called, was named in memory of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco Governor lawyer and Don Ignacio L. Vallarta.


1 Navy Day

It is said that to maintain this in the Mexican population, the institutions responsible for national maritime development and the economically active population which is active in the sea.


 End of school year, summer vacation.


 15 and 16 Independence of México

It was the result of a political and social process resolved by the use of arms that ended Spanish rule in the territories of New Spain. The war for Mexican independence had its antecedent in the invasion of France to Spain in 1808 and spread from the Grito de Dolores, the September 16, 1810, to the entrance of Trigarante Army Mexico City, September 27 1821.

16-30 Cultural Festival

Art exhibitions, music, folkloric ballet, theater, symphonic band, Mariachi, many of these exhibitions are held on the boardwalk.



1 – All Saints Day.

This day Mexicans worship the souls of children who have died.

2 – Day of the Dead or Dia de Muertos Faithful.

It is especially remember those who are no longer physically, but with the hope of resurrection. Families dressed graves overnight or leave the favorite food and drink of the deceased on a special altar at home or put on the grave of a relative who has died. Sweet bread bakeries offer special forms of symbols of death and cemeteries are filled with flowers and souvenirs. Especially popular are particularly marigold flowers, bright orange, a sacred flower for the Aztecs, for whom represented death.

* International Sailfish Tournament Jalisco. One of the most prestigious and traditional international tournaments on the West Coast. With the participation of hundreds of fishermen from around the world. The awards are given to those who manage to catch sailfish, marlin, dorado waho or larger (complying with local regulations). The event is held annually during a weekend in mid-November.

* Festival of Arts. Every year the town organizes an art festival during the month of November, where important local, national and international artists (painters, musicians, actors, etc.) meet. Several events are organized at various points in Vallarta, as plays outdoors and by the sea. All events are free.

* Gourmet Festival of Puerto Vallarta. A culinary annual event that brings together various talents of the local cuisine and dozens of guest chefs from restaurants and hotels in various parts of the world acclaimed internationally.

These days gourmet cooking classes, wine tasting evening and special menus at participating venues are also given. Founded in 1995, this festival attracts thousands of stakeholders each year.

  1. Mexican Revolution

It was a conflict that began in 1910. It is historically the most important political ans social event of the twentienth Century in México.



1-12 Procession of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Mexicans celebrate the Virgin Mary on his birthday, with dances that begin along Calle Juarez until reaching the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Hotels, schools, private companies, restaurants, Families flock to the celebrations and to give thanks to the Virgin for blessings received during the year.

13 – 24. “Posadas Navideñas”

In all of Mexico, families, businesses and neighborhoods celebrate with parties known as “posadas”. This tradition is a representation of Joseph and Mary’s search for a place to spend the night in Bethlehem. Processions to certain houses with lit candles, people ask accommodation through a song. The homeowner should refuse to receive several times before finally opening the doors and the celebration begins.

25 – Christmas.

A religious celebration and national holiday. Banks and government offices are closed.

31 – New Year

One of the highlights of the Port, where locals and tourists celebrate and receive the start of a year along the boardwalk, with music, fireworks and party all night. Hotels, Restaurants and nightclubs in Puerto Vallarta, organize special dinners and many live music for dancing, the celebration lasted until 6 am

Days on which no work in Puerto Vallarta, this use it to better organize your trip.

January 1, New Year’s Day.

February 5, the anniversary of the Mexican Constitution.

March 21, Birth of Benito Juarez.

May 1, Labor Day.

September 16, Independence of Mexico.

November 20, Day of the Mexican Revolution.

December 1 (every 6 years), the day assumed the newly elected president.

December 25, Christmas.